My Safe Patrol

My Safe Patrol

Your private neighborhood watch security platform powered by ai.


Real-Time Geolocation And Information Sharing

Security officers’ geolocation and data traceability. GPS Tracking during activity and NFC checkpoints. Round management, notifications, instructions, alerts, customized checklist.

Data Aggregation From IoTs

Link any existing connected digital equipment : Surveillance camera – Presence detector – Sound sensor – Vibration sensor – Infrared sensor – Alternate button (IoT) – NFC.

Automatic Detection Of Non-compliant Cases

A self-learning management system (machine learning & deep learning). Learning the standard operating mode for the area. Usual noise level – Usual heat level. Usual frequentation (people and vehicles).

My Safe Patrol

Secure Chat and Alert System

Secure and private communication between the supervisor and security officers. Send alerts by category (vandalism, fire, cleanliness, etc.).

Citizen Alert System

IoT buttons in the area to send alerts to security officers (with geolocation and time of the alert source) with automatic conduct instructions adapted to your risk management grid.

Dynamic Safety / Security Dashboard

Dynamic and configurable dashboard. Data archiving and traceability. Analysis and recommendations (custom rule engine). Self-learning system thanks to AI.

About Us

PIMAN Security is dedicated to Safety, Security and Cybersecurity Consulting. 50% of its members are security experts and 50% of them are Cybersecurity engineers. PIMAN Security bets on the convergence between private individual security, infrastructure security and data Cybersecurity. PIMAN Security creates for its clients private security bubbles and is a fully privately held corporate company.


A 100% customizable white label solution.

Exclusive technological solutions fully configurable and manageable, strictly private, with dynamic keys DATA encryption using world-class cybersecurity standards.

High scalability of the application

Transmit, handle, analyze and respond
to geolocated alerts thanks to ai

A dynamic dashboard for your neighborhood security

Aggregate 100% of your district security data (past, present and future - predictive ai)

  • Monitor your security situation (number of alerts, incidents, interventions, reports...)
  • Real-time patrols location
  • Random round assignments
  • Secure communication between citizens / Security Officers / authorities
  • Conduct instructions in risk situations driven by AI (for citizens and Security Officers )
  • Absence management for citizens safety
  • 100% customizable platform
  • Management of agents schedules
Transmit, handle, analyze and respond<br>
to geolocated alerts thanks to ai
My safe patrol

A world-class solution for a safe and trusted neighborhood


    Send geolocated alerts (photos, videos, text or audio messages).
    100% secure and encrypted communication. Receive conduct instructions in real time in risk situations.


    Receive instructions, citizen alerts, carry out intervention reports, reassure the sender of the alert. 100% traceability of exchanges